St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Church
872 N. 29th St. Boise, ID
an American parish of the Russian Orthodox Church
Sponsor an Icon

We are very fortunate to have here in our parish Fr. Matthew Garrett, a talented iconographer, who has undertaken to decorate the interior of our Church.  Fr. Matthew has proposed a plan of icons which will be executed as it becomes possible throughout the next year (or years). Fr. Matthew has made some suggestions of icons that would be appropriate in particular places however he is also open to suggestions that you may have of particular saints or feasts that you would like to see in our Church.  This undertaking, however, will occupy much of his time and thus compromise his ability to support himself and his family as he earns his living by painting icons.  Please consider sponsoring an icon (or two or more) to help defray the costs involved.  Prices are listed below.  If you cannot sponsor an icon right away or by yourself, consider a few options.  Two or more families could join together to sponsor an icon that would be out of the reach of any one family.  A monthly pledge could be made to sponsor an icon so that a little each month would be contributed towards its completion.  Also, we will be establishing a general fund for the “decoration of the Church” to which you can donate any amount on a regular basis which will be used (at least in part) to support Fr. Matthew’s work.

If you would like to sponsor a particular icon or have other suggestions, send a message to Fr. David or Fr. Matthew via the Contact page. Payments can be made via check or with the PayPal button at the bottom of the home page - be sure to include a note with the payment if it is for a particular icon or toward the iconography in general.

6/27/2022  Several of the icons have been completed, some are sponsored but not yet done, while others are still available for sponsorship.  Current status of the icons is as  follows:

DONE - completed and installed in the church
SPONSORED - sponsored but not yet completed
IN PROGRESS - icons in progress which need a sponsor

Anything not marked with one of these labels is still available.

Martyrs on the Columns

17” x 30” each                 $850 per figure

4 columns with room for 2 figures on each column

Suggested Possibilities:

North Side (Female Martyrs):

St. Thecla - DONE
St. Barbara - DONE
St. Catherine - DONE
St. Irene - DONE

South Side (Male Martyrs);

St. George - DONE
St. Varus - DONE
St. Stephen
St. Demetrius
St. Theodore Tyre
St. Theodore Stratelates

Panels to the Left and Right of the Columns

St. Matrona of Moscow - DONE
Sts. Cyril and Methodius - DONE
Sts. Elizabeth and Barbara - DONE
St. John of San Francisco - DONE

Altar Area

By request of Archbishop Kyrill

28” x 40” icon of the Nativity of Christ - DONE
28” x 40” icon of the Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane - DONE
53” x 80” icon of the Raising of Lazarus - SPONSORED   $5,000
53” x 80” icon of the Entry into Jerusalem - DONE
53” x 80” icon of the Arrest of Jesus   $5,000
53” x 80” icon of the Crucifixion of Jesus   $4,000

Below the High Windows, North and South

44” tall, room for 10-15 figures in one mural             $1,200 per figure

To be completed once we have a full panel’s worth of figures

Saints of Russia
suggested possibilities:

St. Xenia of St. Petersburg - SPONSORED
St. Sergius of Radonezh
St. Job of Pochaev
St. Vladimir
St. Olga
St. Hierarchs of Russia
St. Anthony and Theodosy of the Kiev Caves

Saints of North America
suggested possibilities:

St. Peter the Aleut
St. Innocent of Alaska
St. Jacob Netsvetov
St. Herman of Alaska
St. Juvenaly
St. Alexei Toth
St. Raphael of Brooklyn
St. Tikhon Patriarch of Moscow
St. John Kochurov - SPONSORED
St. Alexander Hotovitzky
St. Nicholai of Zicha
St. Sebastian Dabovich

Triangular Compositions next to Icons of Saints of Russia and America

44” x 80” icons               $2,000 per panel

Mary of Egypt outside the church in front of the icon of the Mother of God - SPONSORED
Mary of Egypt receiving communion from Saint Zosimas
Denial of Saint Peter
Repentance of Saint Peter

Above the (regular) Windows

34” x 30”                        Six panels:

Scenes from the life of St. Seraphim

Miraculous healing as a child   $1,500
Praying on the rock - DONE
Feeding the bear - DONE
Wounded by robbers   $1,500
Vision during the Liturgy   $1,500  
Transfiguration with Motovilov - DONE

Other Icons

Plashchnitsa of the Mother of God (for Dormition) - SPONSORED