St. Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Church
872 N. 29th St. Boise, ID
an American parish of the Russian Orthodox Church
Fr. David's To Do List

Many things remain to be addressed in completing the finishes of our building.  One night, I could not sleep as these things were rolling around in my head – the only way to get them out was to make a list.  Here then is a list of the things that have been in my head.  I’m sure there are more things to address, but this will serve as a beginning.

I know that it is not always easy or natural to step up and volunteer to take on a task, it is much easier to wait to be asked.  So let this be my “asking” of all of you who have the time and energy, to take responsibility for one or more of these tasks and get it completed.

  • Hang gates between buildings
  • Replant the flower bed and landscape the front of the building
  • Bathroom countertop sink – remount in new countertop & repair drain
  • Patch floors (tile & wood)
  • Mount White Board
  • Rebuild festival wash sink
  • Baseboard trim
  • Grey water system for sacristy
  • Frame and install glass doors between entry and narthex
  • Folding doors on sacristy and office – buy new hardware, trim doorway and mount doors
  • Mailbox – buy new and mount after railing is in
  • Trim wood to tile interface on klirosi
  • Build new altar table
  • Build new icon stands
  • Decorate interior – work with Father Matthew
  • Reconfigure stairwell and open up/mount new door
  • Finish out Furnace room closet (shelves)
  • Sign for Church
  • Fence around A/C compressors
  • Seal basement windows
  • Reconfigure table for departed to incorporate cross
  • New candle counter – secure top and cover back
  • Paint interior of iconostasis (inside the altar)
  • Supports for bench/pews in sanctuary