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Pastoral Advice on Holy Communion during the Holy and Bright Week

To partake of Holy Communion and to confess in the right way means to do this with the fear of God and humility in our heart, with the understanding of our unworthiness.

Bishop Jonah (Cherepanov): When should we partake of Christ’s Blood and Body, if not in the Bright Week?

Great Lent is given to us so that we can “exercise” in partaking of Holy Communion. I advise people to partake of Holy Communion on every Sunday of Great Lent. It is especially important to partake of Holy Communion in the Holy Week.

All the services of this week are connected with commemoration of the Last Supper, which took place to establish the sacrament of Eucharist. If a person has a possibility to spend this week properly, then it will be better to partake of Holy Communion at every service performed during the week.

Every Christian should partake of Holy Communion of Great Saturday, too. By the way, the liturgy of this day is my favorite service of the whole liturgical year. I know that it is so not only for me but for many priests. Only on that day, you can hear this silent and exalted Paschal joy. Pascha itself is a bright and  joyful feast, and it influences our spiritual receptors.

The rite of preparing for this Sacrament is much shorter on paschal days, you just have to read the Paschal Hours and some prayers before Holy Communion. The services are quite short, dynamic and joyful. It will not be a burden for you, but will give you an opportunity to feel real celebration of Pascha. We are partaking of the Body of the crucified, buried and resurrected Christ – when should we partake of Christ’s Blood and Body, if not in the Bright Week?